As of May 18th, new policies are taking effect across New York State that help protect our kids
and communities from Big Tobacco.

Teens against tobacco

Tobacco Sales in Pharmacies


No healthcare provider would ever prescribe tobacco. But for years, tobacco has been found in pharmacies, a place where people go for health care. Now, those days are over.

As of May 18th, tobacco products can no longer be sold at pharmacies across New York State.

Flavored Vape Products


While they might look like candy on the outside, there’s nothing sweet about flavored vape products. And for too long, tobacco companies have been using them to attract and addict kids. Now, that’s changing.

As of May 18th, the sale of flavored vape products including mint and menthol ends across New York State.

Teens against tobacco

Thank you
for your support!

These steps are cause for celebration and appreciation. Let’s celebrate these wins together – and continue to tell Big Tobacco that we’ve seen enough.

Public Health Policy
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