Smoke- Vape- and Tobacco-Free
College Campuses in New York State

Since 2005, more than 130 colleges and universities (about 2/3 of educational institutions in New York) have put in place a smoke-free or tobacco-free campus policy.

A smoke-free campus policy means no smoking anywhere on college property. In contrast, a tobacco-free campus policy prohibits all forms of tobacco use anywhere on the campus, including smokeless forms, and electronic smoking devices such as e-cigarettes.

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Why go Smoke- Vape- and Tobacco-Free on Campus?

  • Promote respect for others and for the campus environment. 
  • Send a strong message that health and nicotine-free living is important and tobacco-free and vape-free choices are better for living and learning.
  • Create an environment that helps students, staff and faculty stop using tobacco or never start. (Evidence suggests that tobacco-free campus policies reduce smoking prevalence among those on campus.) 
  • Prevent nicotine-addiction in your students, which is often a lifelong addiction. 
  • Supports your faculty and staff in quitting tobacco and other use of nicotine addictive products.
  • Reduce exposure to secondhand smoke and potential liability to the college for smoking-related health problems. There is no safe level of exposure of second hand smoke. Evidence suggests that short-term exposure to secondhand smoke, even outdoors, puts people at risk, especially those with preexisting cardiac and respiratory conditions. 
  • Reduce maintenance costs associated with cleaning up tobacco litter, while also reducing the environmental impact from the harms of tobacco, such as cigarette butts and e-cigarette, and smokeless tobacco waste. 
  • Enhance the campus’ image as a clean and healthy environment for visitors such as parents, prospective students, donors, as well as for the larger community.

Putting a Tobacco-Free Campus Policy in Place Takes Time and Strong Leadership.

Has your campus decided to adopt a tobacco-free policy? Download our Steps to a Tobacco-Free Policy Adoption Checklist in our Tobacco-Free Colleges Guide.

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