New York State envisions a commercial tobacco-free and vape-free society for all New Yorkers. Since 2000 the New York State Tobacco Control Program has worked to reduce illness, disability, and death related to commercial tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure, and to alleviate social and economic inequities caused by tobacco use. The program uses an evidence-based, policy-driven, and population-level approach to tobacco control and prevention with a commitment to promote health equity among populations disproportionately impacted by tobacco marketing and use. The Tobacco Control Program’s efforts and actions have contributed to record-low youth and adult smoking rates in NYS.

The NY State average adult smoking rate is 12%[I] down from more than 23% in 2001[ii].

The primary unmet need of tobacco control is reducing smoking among subsets of the population whose tobacco use rates approach double the state average. Smoking rates remain high among adult New Yorkers:
– reporting frequent mental distress,
– enrolled in Medicaid,
– with less than a high school education,
– whose household income is less than $25,000 annually, and
– living with a disability[iii].

Nearly one in four high school-age youth in New York State vape/use e-cigarettes[iv].

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The “It’s Not Just” campaign is intended to educate people across New York State about the injustice of menthol-flavored tobacco product marketing and promotion. The campaign describes how menthol is more than a flavor, highlighting hard-hitting facts about the manipulative, aggressive nature of menthol tobacco marketing

“The tobacco industry aggressively targets its marketing to certain populations, including young people, women, and racial and ethnic minority groups, particularly Black people. These groups are more likely to smoke menthol cigarettes compared to other population groups.”

Legislative Education Day is an event where youth, tobacco control experts, and concerned community members head to Albany to provide education about the problem with tobacco that exists in our communities and that tobacco is still taking lives. There is a human cost and an economic burden to New Yorkers.