Entryways and Outdoor Spaces

Secondhand smoke contains over 40 carcinogens and many irritants. According to the Surgeon General, there is no safe level of exposure. Smoking is not constitutionally protected, and businesses should protect public health by implementing smoke-free entryway and workplace policies. Advancing Tobacco Free Communities works with over 460 businesses in New York State to enforce regulations restricting tobacco use in outdoor recreational areas.

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Expanding Protection: New York State Clean Indoor Air Act

Since 2003, public places and workplaces across New York State, including bars and restaurants, have been smoke-free indoors. The law was further strengthened in 2017 to include a ban on e-cigarettes. These clean indoor air laws effectively protect workers from secondhand smoke and contribute to lower smoking rates and reduced maintenance costs for employers. To learn more about NY’s Clean Indoor Air Act, visit their website.

Enhancing Workplace Health

Employers increasingly adopt tobacco-free policies for their outdoor areas to safeguard employees, visitors, and clients from secondhand smoke. These policies promote a supportive environment for tobacco-free choices, reduce absenteeism, and boost worker productivity. They also minimize maintenance expenses associated with tobacco litter and fire risks, enhance property appeal, and reduce loitering, reflecting responsiveness to the preferences of the majority of New Yorkers who value tobacco-free environments.

Here’s how we can assist you

We provide telephone, email, or in-person technical support, including presentations and information sessions. Additionally, we offer sample policies, employee outreach materials, FAQs, and timelines to aid in policy implementation. We can also help you connect with local cessation services for your employees. Furthermore, we offer no-cost tobacco-free signage for your property to support your efforts.