Reality Check’s Youth Summit brings youth from across New York State who want to speak up and stand up to the tobacco industry’s influence impacting their local communities

The focus of the Youth Summit is preparing youth with skills to make waves against Big Tobacco.

Youth leaders attend trainings and participate in activities that
build skills in leadership, team building and self-empowerment.
The Youth Summit gives knowledge and tools to create impactful
tobacco awareness activities and events in their local communities.

2023 Youth Summit “It’s Elemental”
2022 Youth Summit “Amped Up”
2018 Youth Summit “Good Vibes”
2017 Youth Summit “Glow for It”

The youth of New York State Reality Check fight against the marketing practices of the tobacco industry and continue to work to make their communities a healthier place to live, learn, work, and play. Follow them on instagram @RealityCheckNewYork